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Chakra Light Bed.

"Highly Recommend"

"Highly Recommend"

"Highly Recommend"

 "I had the opportunity to use the Chakra Light Bed at the psychic fair held in Salem OR. Something has shifted in my being. I'm sleeping a lot better. I'm dreaming a lot more. My attitude has become more of an "I can do" attitude. I'm facing my fears with more confidence. The experience has had a very positive effect. I would highly recommend trying the light bed!!! Plus, Lisa is very nice!" -Dagmar A.

Thank you!

"Thank you"

"Highly Recommend"

"Highly Recommend"

 "Thank you so much for yesterday! I haven’t felt as good as I did and do today in a very long time!" Shannan C.

Our Healing Space surrounds our Light Bed.

"I feel so good."

"Highly Recommend"

"I feel so good."

"Sincerely, thank you so much for my cleansing! I feel so good. I feel very grounded. Clear minded. It was amazing. I'm definitely going to be telling everyone about this experience. Thank you thank you thank you." Jara C.

Client Testimonial

"I’ve had Reiki, massages, and acupuncture..none of them made me feel quite like this..." - Anissa C

"I was given a very generous gift to receive a Chakra Cleanse session at the MeWe Fair in Salem and I still don't believe I can find the right words to describe my experience. I only knew a little bit about chakras and had definitely never had them cleansed so I had no idea what to expect but it was breathtaking.

You lay on a (massage?) table, wear headphones that play special music for each chakra, and have the chakra lights suspended above you. It was all very comfortable except I was a bit tall so lining me up correctly was a little difficult. Lisa also gave me crystals to hold in each hand, changing them once in one hand, and was there to help me release the blockages through her own healing energy. Or at least that is what it felt like to me :) To be honest, I kept my eyes closed a lot of the time so I wasn't exactly sure what she was doing.

What happened during the actual cleanse was surprising. I actually felt, especially my leg muscles, release tension and energy. It was like I was feeling little rubber bands being flicked and then settle into a relaxed position with no tension at all! This happened repeatedly throughout the entire session.. There were even a few times my shoulders gave a shudder and the tension was released. To actually physically feel the change was so powerful! Throughout the entire session, there was never any pain inflicted upon me. I’ve had Reiki, massages, and acupuncture and while they all help me release energy, pain, and feel better in general none of them made me feel quite like this did. 

I felt very relaxed after the treatment and for the rest of the evening. The following day I felt more "open", more clear, invigorated even. I have a physical disability that causes a lot of pain and other issues and I had some temporary relief in some of my symptoms for the next few days. While it didn't take away all of my pain, I just felt that pain wasn’t festering and getting as stuck in my body. My energy was able to move freer and easier.

I will definitely be receiving more sessions whenever I can. This is something I wish I could do on a monthly basis for continued care and maintenance." - Anissa C

Selenite Chakra Towers. Newest addition to our Chakra Cleanse.
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