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101 Past Life Clues By Lisa Ezell

Messages from your soul

The Universe is constantly sending us messages, are you ready to learn how to decode them? Her book is the first of it kind, a how-to book for learning about YOUR past lives!! 

NO Hypnosis Needed

Lisa shows us how to uncover our individual past life memories, completely awake, doing normal  everyday things at home, at work, even while out shopping!

Funny and Real

Lisa's book uses real life experiences to show how to uncover these messages. Funny, honest, a bold new approach, revealing simple steps anyone can do. Full of facts, humor and sarcasm, not your typical spiritual book!

Ask the question

Why do you feel connected to things for no reason? Is it a clue? A true skeptic herself, she bases her clues on historical facts. 101 Past Life Clues is based on facts, not opinions

Find the answer

Lisa shows you hows our past life experiences integrate into our current life. Your soul has stored this data for you. Are you ready to learn how to understand why you are, Who you are?

101 Past Life Clues by Lisa Ezell


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